Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Symptoms for cardiac amyloidosis overlap with other conditions

medical illustration of healthy heart muscle and a second heart with cardiac amyloidosis

Cardiac amyloidosis is irreversible thickening of the heart muscle that typically presents as a form of congestive heart failure. It is overlooked often because the symptoms can masquerade as other conditions. Unfortunately, there aren’t any preventive strategies for cardiac amyloidosis, says Dr. Melissa Lyle, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist.

“So the key, really, is early detection,” says Dr. Lyle. “We want to make sure that we can detect these patients earlier, to get them on the right treatments.” 

She says it’s important that patients bring any concerning symptoms to their health care provide, as soon as possible.

In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Lyle explains what those symptoms might be and talks about new therapies for treating cardiac amyloidosis.


Watch: Dr. Lyle discusses cardiac amyloidosis

Read the full transcript.

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