Consumer Health: Reducing your risk of prostate cancer

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Prostate cancer will affect 1 in 9 men, according to the American Cancer Society. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the U.S.

Your risk of prostate cancer increases as you age. Other risk factors include obesity and a family history of prostate cancer, breast cancer or the genes that increase the risk of breast cancer (BRCA1 or BRCA2). African American men are at greater risk of prostate cancer than men of other races, and their prostate cancer is more likely to be aggressive or advanced.

If you’re concerned about your risk of prostate cancer, you may be interested in prostate cancer prevention. While there’s no proven prevention strategy, you may reduce your risk of prostate cancer by making healthy choices regarding your diet, weight and exercise.

Learn more about ways you can reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

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