Consumer Health: How eating fish helps your heart

a salmon fish dinner on a plate with lemons and fresh herbs

If you’re worried about your heart health, eating at least two servings of fish per week could reduce your risk of heart disease.

For many years, the American Heart Association has recommended that people eat fish rich in unsaturated fats at least twice a week. The unsaturated fats in fish are called omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation can damage your blood vessels, and lead to heart disease and strokes.

Other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids include flaxseed, walnuts and leafy green vegetables. However, similar to supplements, the evidence of heart-healthy benefits from eating these foods isn’t as strong as it is from eating fish.

Learn more about how eating fish helps your heart, including how much and what kind you should eat.

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